Why wood? So that light can be!

Light wood, it transcends the light. Lairial.eu

Let’s stay humble… and ambitious: so that light be… different. More than just a wish, wood is a necessity. What we like about wood is multiple and always paradoxical. Hard and rough, wood can also appear in both a soften and flexible way. Trunk and branch. Raw, wood also knows how to appear nobler. Bark and sap. Wood is ancestral, but also remains contemporaneous and trendy. Since its origins, wood has been linked to human intimacy by offering us light and protection: there were the torch and the framework. However, little by little, the opaque wood by nature will embrace all types of… transparencies that LairiaL is searching for its tailor-made cabinetwork quality lamps. As arborescence is never far away from luminescence.

WOOD BECOMES PART OF THE DECOR. Through furniture first, then through woodwork, wood is dedicated to interior comfort and helps create the atmosphere. Except when in the fireplace, light doesn’t belong to wood. Light is other people. Wood is a glow. In the 20th century, this is thanks to this curious inversion that glass, metal, even paper and most recently plastic joined the furniture world. And that wood came to light. Wood thus found again its first function, that of enlightening, when it used to be a proud torch.

WOOD SELECTS ITS OWN LIGHT. Wood sculpts light by reflecting what it wants. The aptly named « Age of Enlightenment » saw wood win recognition through panelling and cabinetwork. Sculpted then gilded panelling didn’t only have an aesthetic function. Their decorations made of gold were meant to reflect light to amplify its effects. Finely-sliced and bathed-in-colour cabinetwork wood varieties would bring their aesthetic sensations to the frozen shapes of furniture. In this wood-light match, the most active is not the one we think about… As can be seen from the effects produced by the LairiaL collection…

WOOD CREATES SHADE. The sun spends its time playing with trees –Appearing and disappearing. Wood has become a master in the art of unexpected and mystery. Despite appearances, wood has a luminous temperament. It then meets this unexpected need. It is not only the raw material and an authenticity and timeless resource, but it is also a luminescence and wellness source. Wood is definitely different from “industrial” and “machined” materials that we traditionally (and conventionally) assign to lamps: glass, metal, paper and plastic are less discreet but more direct.

WOOD IS CHANGING. But that’s a quality! Because of its bumps, grains, patina, main lines and breaking points, wood proves to be naturally full of surprises! Moreover, it is not as rigid as we think. It grows here and there, to appear over there again. In its way, wood is mobile. Finely crafted, it becomes more flexible but it has its own resistances all the same. Its constraints inspire us and this is when wood makes us even more creative people. A little bit recalcitrant, wood bends. Nothing is more alive than wood: each tree has had its own life, a life that it will pass down. That’s why each item, made of its material whether rare or precious, will always be unique and singular.

Wood bears in itself a luminous temperament. With no more roots, (electric) light becomes its kind of new sap and makes it possible to stay alive forever. The LairiaL lamps, not in keeping with the “ready-to-light-up” trend but with “haute couture” finishes are 100% inspired by nature: connections are our roots and clip-on/clip-off modules our buds. Via its Plug & Light system, one can say that LairiaL grows lights wherever it wants. It cultivates them and makes them “grow” from one room to another. One can « graft » them and transplant them on to other grounds. At last, let’s make one last comparison: against the ever-increasing madness of its exploitation, the best wood has now become responsible. It is a renewable and low energy-consuming material (by essence!) during its transformation process. Therefore, LairiaL uses wood coming from sustainable forests. Nowadays, it is as important as light was formerly: a source of life and reason, winning over darkness.

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