Volupte is our first lamp collection. It was designed by Olivier Huynh, designer.

We created the neo-marquetry know-how to make his drawing come true. It is the art of shaping very thin wood in volume.


  • Volupte is both current and timeless. With its clean lines and its style all in finesse and lightness, this luminaire fits to any interior design, either contemporary or classic.
  • Volupte creates an unexpected lighting atmosphere. Along with its luminous halo, the thin gaps in the wood filter light as if they sculpted it. Going outside the lamp, light sneaks in, escapes, projects its reflections and envelops you in an unexpected light effect.
  • On or off, Volupte stylizes any place, without ostentation or banality. Where the light could be flat or overwhelming, it becomes adjusted and subtle.


    • 1989 Graduated with highest honour from E.N.S.C.I. Paris. Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle. Les Ateliers.
    • 1990 Work in design studios : Philippe STARCK, Marc BERTHIER agence Elium studio, Pacific Promotion Hong Kong, Agence Cornu & Malcourant
    • 1991-2003 Product manager / Designer at  DECATHLON, Europe’s leading manufacturer and distributor of  sport equipment
    • Since 2004, works as a self employed designer, in Bordeaux. 2010 /2013 : design and technical support on Volupte  development link to come


Diam 16 cm/6.3 in X Height 22 cm/8.66 in, from 270 € TTC


Diam 40 cm/15.7 in X Height 41 cm/16.1 in, from 695 €


Diam 75 cm/29.5 in X Height 63 cm/24.8 in, from 1.495 €