LairiaL lightings create sensory atmospheres. The light of the forest is our inspiration.

How to recreate this very special atmosphere created by the effects between the sun’s rays with the tree trunks?

By crafting thin sliced wood that transcend light and playing with the original design of our lightings that create light and shadow effects.

L'éclairage chaleureux LairiaL est inspiré de la forêt, par ses ombres et lumières, jeu entre le soleil et les arbres.


Ombres et lumières pour une ambiance sensorielle - BulM XL by LairiaL en open space


Signatures lumineuses intense et reposante - BulM M et S by LairiaL

Lighting signature

Warm material

  • We use sustainable thin sliced wood (0.5 mm thick). We craft them in volume.
  • Revisited by LairiaL, wood becomes airy, soft, poetic. This is the reason why they fit all interior styles.
  • Thanks to its thickness and transparency, wood transcends the light to creates warm lighting. And light enhances wood.

Light and shadow

  • The way we shape wood in volume also shapes light. Light shaded behind the wood, rays of light escaping from the lamp, the light sneaks in, escapes into space and creates light and shadow effects.
  • It creates an enveloping and sensory atmosphere, soft and poetic. Warm and diffuse, you can feel it. Lairial light reveals the places spirit and gives them a singular radiant soul.

Lighting signature

Light and color: Painters know that light and color are intimately linked. We are working on the ability of colors to absorb or diffuse light in order to create personalised atmospheres. Through the interior tinting of our lightings, we create its lighting signature. Thus, one bulb will create two different lights depending on the different lighting signatures.