ABOUT 2020

Based in Bordeaux, LairiaL is a genuine brand of wooden lighting: handcrafted link to come, eco-friendly link to come, with an original design and clean lines. Our unique know-how crafts lamps with unique light. Inspired by the forest, our light creates sensory and warm atmospheres.

We craft our lightings with tailor-made finishes link to come, for both residential and public spaces. We sell our lamps via direct contact, via advise from specifiers (architect, interior designer), and via selected showrooms.


  • Origins: Corinne Puyo created the original LairiaL wood lighting workshop. With the memory of her grandfathers, owner of a sawmill and pine resin collector in the Landes forest, she carries the wood spirit. Inspired by the light of the Landes forest, she wishes to recreate this very special atmosphere with the light of LairiaL lamps.
  • LairiaL, the brand: Airial is the Gascon name given to man-made clearings in the Landes forest. The airial has become LairiaL, the witness mark of this dreamlike light filtered between the trees, made of shadows and light.

La forêt, origine de LairiaL, luminaire original en bois créateur de lumière. Lairial.eu

Pour fabriquer un luminaire original en bois, LairiaL utilise des essences de bois très fines


  • A noble material like metal or crystal, wood is a warm material that fits all interior designs. Unlike other materials, wood is alive.
  • Wood does not wear out, it acquires patina over time and can live many lives. It is timeless. Each of our lamps carries with it the story of the tree that gave it life.


  • We have created neo-marquetry, a new arts and craft know-how to create our 1st lamp collection, Volupte.
  • Neo-marquetry is the art of shaping thin sliced wood in volume. It took us three years of research and testing to ‘tame’  wood in the right way … gently.
  • It is a new art of crafting wood: How to work with wood, in the direction of the thread or against thread, where is its inflection point… LairiaL can thus contradict the great French writer Jean de la Fontaine’s fable (‘The oak and the reed’): With LairiaL the wood bends but does not break.
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Pour fabriquer un luminaire original en bois, LairiaL utilise sa savoir-faire exclusif en néo-marqueterie

Le système Plug and Light fait de LairiaL une marque de luminaire original en bois


  • LairiaL has created the Plug & Light system link to come to release the light.
  • Each lamp is composed of two parts : a neomarquetry lighting module and a bespoke wiring module. Each equipped with a ‘one click connector‘.
  • Thus equipped, the modules are removable and interchangeable. And create an hybrid lamp that boosts the field of possibilities, in styles and uses, with a single click.

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