neo-marquetry by LairiaL

The term neo-arts and crafts is a mere invention. It is an exclusive know-how created by LairiaL for its wood lamps. Why and how were these expertise and term born?

Once sketched on “paper”, the idea of a lamp that would sculpt light, being at the same time beautiful and unique, contemporaneous and light, with volume and poetic, we had to find a solution to answer a difficult question: twisting cabinetwork wood… in order to go beyond veneers and create more volume. And what if the answer was to be found in Bordeaux, France where a whole refined art of living coexists with woodwork (logging, wine and cooperage industries) and high-tech (aeronautics and laser industry)?

IMPOSSIBLE? LET’S TRY. Innovation and creativity always thrive on the fight against constraints that prevent us from doing something, and preconceived ideas that last.

Received idea #1: wood is dry and recalcitrant, rigid and breakable, raw and rough, and static and massive. Received idea #2: Art woodwork is a rather classic tradition of decorative arts. And as a #3, the often-established divide between the “non- and the all-” design concepts. After being consulted, some wood experts answered the following: “It is impossible to carry out what you imagined”. LairiaL with its new vision, then said: “Let’s try out something”. It took the team three years to develop and fine-tune the project. The final result was unique and original, through a combination of different savoir-faire – that of fine arts and digital technologies, beautifully crafted, down to the ‘haute couture’ finishes and always in line with the slow made movement. Time is essential indeed to tame and corset such a delicate and “living” material. Submitted to tension, following or against the fibre sense, the wood sheet proves to be full of originality and surprise. The search for the inflection point requires understanding and fine-tuning new gestures so that wood releases its new creative strength.

NEO NATIVE. As from the start, LairiaL’s approach was a desire –a little bit off-the-wall but real and deep, to extend a noble material’s abilities to new horizons. In the register of lamps, it is all about consecrate wood as a variety… which is absolutely luminous, and then see wood itself consecrated by light. All the value comes from the difficulty to obtain what one wants, or conversely, from seeing unexpected things happen, or take advantage of a unique rarity. A bump becomes a pattern, fragility turns into strength, and the unexpected into inventive elements. There’s no driftwood, nor ethnic or baroque wood: what distinguishes Volupte, the 1st collection of LairiaL lamps designed by Olivier Huynh, is the delicacy of aerial, shaped, pleated or even swaying items… In sliced woods, certified and coming from sustainable forests*, with oak or ash woods, tinted with zenith gold, twilight orange or lunar black, lighting is a new journey. It is either a cosy and poetic, or lively and warm immersion leading to different and limitless lights.

LIKE A LANDSCAPE. It is not all about a lamp. LairiaL endeavours to reproduce a “nature” light, a light that would occupy the entire space. LairiaL is close to nature not only via its material, but also through the material and location spirits. In the forest, light interpenetrates trees, pervades foliage and plays on barks. Light multiplies, projects its brightness, its relief, its reflections and shades. At that very moment, light is mobile. Here again, neo-arts and crafts have a role to play: beyond the “wood lamp” item, it renders this atmosphere inside a house or flat. The lamps and suspensions, via the exclusive Plug & Light system, question the modularity concept until the end (“to the walls!”). They are more free and more at ease in space. This device enables to graft, swarm and ramify a recyclable and evolutive network, thus sustainable indeed. Ceilings are skies. The sculpted and enhanced volumes turn into interior landscapes. This is how a “3-D atmosphere” is created.

With constant high requirements for arts & crafts quality AND functionality and contemporary aesthetics of design, LairiaL suggests new made-to-measure lighting solutions adapted to each case: group and/or focus lights, simple or multiple device, with bright or soften lights…

* LairiaL lightings are all designed and manufactured in Bordeaux, France with wood from sustainable certified forests, with water-based paints without any solvent (class A+). CE/ERP CERTIFICATION, Class 2 – IP20.

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