LairiaL is a story of emotions and lights. The emotion of working wood with the passion of craftsmen, in respect for both the people and nature.

LairiaL, lampes fabriquées sur mesure à la main


LairiaL, luminaires perennes, durables et responsables.


LairiaL, lampes respectueuses de la nature et des hommes



  • Each project is unique. Because light can be constrained, we manufacture the lamps according to your specifications.
  • You create your lamp. You choose the finishes, the cable length (depending on the type of lighting desired and the location) and the electrical terminations.
  • If you want other finishes than those offered or need advice, feel free to contact us.

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  • Inspired by the French Slow-Made movement, we created the exclusive Plug & Light system.
  • Thanks to this modular design system, a LairiaL lamp is polymorphic and can be transformed in 1 click.
  • It is scalable, transformable, repairable, to fit your new needs, desires and places … today and in the future, and last a long time

Respect for nature

  • Wood is renewable
  • As we craft thin sliced wood (0.5 mm thick), we save wood quantity to create one lamp.
  • We craft wood from European sustainable forests (PEFC or FSC certified).

Respect for the people

  • We use water-based lacquers and solventless paints (low VOC).
  • Locagen sourcing, as close as possible to Bordeaux -where we are-, and always in Europe.
  • Made in France, Europe.