LairiaL is about emotions and lights. The emotion of working wood with the passion of craftsmen, with respect for both the people and nature.

It’s also about commitments. The commitment to propose sustainable and long-lasting lightings. And design lamps that fit contemporary expectations and constraints. Lightings that fit all places and all specifications.


LairiaL crafts long-lasting and sustainable wood lightings


LairiaL respects both the people and nature.



  • Each project is unique. Because light can be constrained, we manufacture the lamps according to your specifications.
  • You create your lamp. You choose the finishes, the cable length (depending on the type of lighting desired and the location) and the electrical terminations.
  • If you want other finishes than those offered or need advice, feel free to contact us.


  • Inspired by the French Slow-Made movement, we created the exclusive Plug & Light system.
  • Thanks to this modular design system, a LairiaL lamp is polymorphic and can be transformed in 1 click.
  • It is scalable, transformable, repairable, to fit your new needs, desires and places … today and in the future, and last a long time.

Respect for nature

  • Wood is renewable
  • As we craft thin sliced wood (0.5 mm thick), we save wood quantity to create one lamp.
  • We craft wood from European sustainable forests (PEFC or FSC certified).

Respect for the people

  • We use water-based lacquers and solventless paints (low VOC).
  • Locagen sourcing, as close as possible to Bordeaux -where we are-, and always in Europe.
  • Made in France, Europe.