Lighting signature

Deux lampes BulM S et M avec deux signatures lumineuses différentes de la marque. Des éléments de la décoration lumineuse.


Painters know that light and color are intimately linked. Through the interior tinting of its lightings, LairiaL uses color to enrich the light. And creates the lighting signature, a new approach to go further.


The Plug & Light system renews sensorial experiences according to the moments, to suit the moods, the seasons, the inspirations … The poetic and functional light of LairiaL brands the places and stages the spaces. It creates a lively, warm and poetic atmosphere.


We work on the ability of colors to absorb or diffuse light in order to create special ambiences. The tinting is done with paintings enriched with pearlescent pigments that bring a finish while glare, lamp off or on. An identical source in lightings with different lighting signatures will create different vibes.