In an interior, the gaze usually stops on the fixed and two-dimensional elements of the decor (walls, floors and furniture). The one worn on the ceiling can take you further, in 3D. Visible on all sides in space, the pendant luminaire catches people’s eye. It furnishes the space, sculpts the volume and dresses the atmosphere.

With their pure profiles and their poetic and lively light, LairiaL lightings brands the places.

Staging by LairiaL in interior design of offices Cartégie, Bruges


We assist you in your projects and can advise you to stage the place, position the lightings where you want them and create a bespoke lighting. We handcraft the lightings on demand, with your specifications and standards. The choice of a lamp is the reflection of a place, LairiaL gives it a radiant and singular soul.

Decor of interior design - lobby in hotel which staged by LairiaL.


Focal light or mood light? direct or indirect? High or low position? Here or there ? Here and there. Here and there, and there, and there, etc. By positioning it where you want in space, a LairiaL suspension opens the field to all possibilities.

Volupte XL by LairiaL pending in interior design, lighting in oak by LairiaL.