Light creator

The light we create is inspired by the forest. This timeless light shaped in the majestic Landes forest (located south of Bordeaux) is the original inspiration of our wooden lightings. How can we recreate this unique and sensory atmosphere made of breaths and interpenetrations between the trees and the sun ? LairiaL responds with shadows and lights, its varied luminous signatures and the versatility of its lamps. Thus LairiaL’s poetic lighting creations inspire the places by the atmosphere they create. Faithful to his inspiration, LairiaL says, “wood transcends light”.

  • Shadow & Light by LairiaL

    The light of the Landes forest inspires us

  • Lighting signature by LairiaL

    Painters know that light and color are intimately linked

  • Staging by LairiaL

    The gaze worn on the ceiling can take you further, in 3D