As LairiaL wants its wooden design lamps to be adapted to the desires and constraints of each, LairiaL lighting are crafted according to the order with custom finishes.

Interior colors and signature bright. Bespoke design by LairiaL.


You specify the type of lighting you want (indirect or focal, single or multiple …), the description of the place where it will be installed and we will create your customized, unique lighting, with its length of custom cable and its electrical termination adapted to the place constraints. We create the light where you want it and how you want it.


You want a pendant lighting but you do not have an electrical outlet on the ceiling? We create it from an electrical outlet. You have a very high ceiling? The cable length will be up to your measurements. Etc …

And the Hub ceiling, LairiaL exclusive, allows you to create custom compositions from the ceiling.


The wood essence, from sustainable forests,

The colour of the wire (textile cord), made in Europe,

The lighting signature, created by the interior tinting of the lightings. Water paints with pearly pigments inside, solvent free.


We can assist you in your project and can advise you to stage the place, position the lightings where you want them in order to create a bespoke lighting and a unique ambience. We handcraft the lightings to fit your demand and to free you from the aesthetic, electrical or volumetric constraints of the place where it will be installed.

Different wood to lightings by LairiaL for creation your bespoke design.

If you are a professional in decoration or interior architecture, we are at your disposal to develop your particular requests and put our know-how at the service of your projects:

catalog or off-catalog finishes, luxury finishes (gold leaf, shale of sole … ) and customization. Contact us