Neo French Crafts

LairiaL, neo-craftsman lighting designer, has developed a new know-how: neo-marquetry, the art of working wood veneer to create a volume. For LairiaL functionality is as important as aesthetics. Thanks to the system ‘Plug & Light’ or ‘easy clipping connection’ (patented), our lamps are polymorphic. Concerned about the quality of its lighting and the constraints of its customers, LairiaL crafts in a bespoke and eco-friendly way.

  • Neo-marquetry by LairiaL

    Neo-marquetry is the art of working wood veneer to create a volume

  • Plug & Light by LairiaL

    LairiaL exclusive, an hybrid design that multiplies the field of possibilities, in styles and uses, with a simple click

  • Bespoke by LairiaL

    LairiaL handcrafts lightings on demand with tailor-made specifications and standards