Discover our exclusive artsand crafts know-how, the neo-marquetry

Discover our exclusive artsand crafts know-how, the neo-marquetry

  • To craft its custom-made wood lamps, Volupte and BulM, LairiaL has created a unique arts and crafts know-how: neo-marquetry.
  • Discover our exclusive work on shaping very thin sliced woods.


  • We craft each wooden lamp with tailor-made finishes. We do not have any lamp stock. This is why we ask for to your patience.
  • We use wood veneer. Veneer is a thin slice of wood usually used in cabinetmaking and marquetry. To craft our neo-marquetry lighting modules, we use the thinner quality (thickness of 0.5 mm).
  • Some pieces are made of poplar plywood, with double-sided oak veneer.
  • We use FSC or PEFC certified European wood. The veneer is raw on the outside and painted on the inside to work the light.
  • We use solvent-free French paints (VOC rate <5 g / liter) with pearlescent pigments. The paint is applied with a brush to create light effects. The plywood is varnished (solvent-free) on both sides.
  • The veneer and plywood are then cut with a CNC machine which allows great precision.

Néo-marqueterie by LairiaL, artisanat d'art exclusif

LairiaL utilise des essences de bois très fines pour créer ses lampes d'artisanat d'art en néo-marqueterie sur-mesure


  • When wood is cut, neo-marquetry arts and crafts begins. Before being shaped, the wood is fragile to handle. The larger the size of the lamp is, the more delicate the work is.
  • With the precision and meticulousness inherent in crafts and arts, we gently massage the wood by hand before shaping it. We want to soften it to avoid cracking it.
  • The wood is corseted to give it hold. The shape slowly comes to life under the fingers.
  • It’s hard to tame the wood, even if it’s very thin! It resists, he wants to release and become flat again. The hand must be both strong to overcome its resistance, and gentle not to crack it.
  • The gestures are made by the millimeter, the concentration is intense. That’s it, the wood shape is crafted. It must be perfect, the edges aligned and the closure precise. The hand and the eyes control the whole shape.


  • The wood is gently drilled through 2 millimeter holes to install the small steel parts that hold the thin steel plate, which closes the lighting module.
  • Aesthetic and fine, they must resist the power of wood. We like the combination of wood, a ‘warm’ material and metal, a ‘cold’ one.


  • To complete the crafting, we make the electrical wiring of the lighting module.
  • Then, we make the wiring module to the ordered measurements.
  • In accordance with our vision of craftsmanship, each piece is checked and tested. Our lamps are compliant with the European standard (EN 60598, LCIE test reports).

La néo-marqueterie est un savoir-faire exclusif d'artisanat d'art qui nécessite précision et douceur.

Volupte XL en chêne, suspension d'artisanat d'art fabriquée en néo-marqueterie.


  • Eight weeks (maximum) after you order, we put all differents parts together.
  • The removable assembly allows the repair of the wooden lamp.
  • The custom-made lamp is packed with the instructions.
  • Like the tree from which it comes, each wooden lamp is unique.
  • The invoice is sent by email. On receipt of your payment, we send the lamp. You are informed by the carrier (e-mail, sms) during the transport.


We are at your disposal if you have any questions or wish to upgrade or transform your wooden lamp. And we will be delighted to receive photos of your lamp in its place!