Hub Ceiling

Ceiling Hub by LairiaL


The Hub ceiling is based on the Plug & Light system. Made of wood, it decorates the ceiling and enables to connect up to 8 lamps from a single electrical outlet on the ceiling. It frees up light from electrical restrictions and allows the creation of tailor-made lighting compositions in order to stage spaces.


You choose the number of lighting modules. You can mix collections, sizes … etc. Thanks to the tailor-made cable lengths, you can position the lamps wherever you want in the space and create your own personalized lighting.


You create your custom composition on the ceiling: vertical composition (bouquet,cascade, cluster …) and / or horizontal to bring light to different places and create multiple atmospheres in the space with different lightings.


The combinations can be transformed and evolve easily, without any restoration work and at controlled costs. You renew the experiences by creating new stagings and different atmospheres. You can alternate them according to the seasons, the events … etc

  • Star combination

    Create lightings in multiple locations with a single electrical outlet

  • Bouquet combination

    Create your own customized composition

  • Cascade combination

    Create your own customized composition