Volupte, LairiaL’s first collection, was designed by Bordeaux designer Olivier Huynh. We created the neo-marquetry know-how to make his drawing come true.

Volupte creates a contrasted transparency with a living light and appealing shadows. Going along with zenithal halo, its light escapes and slips through the pure interstices. It projects its filtered reflections and sculpts the volumes to create a soft and poetic atmosphere. It envelops in an unexpected brightness. Where the light could be flat or overwhelming, it becomes adjusted and subtle.

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  • Volupte S

    Diam 16 cm/6.3 in X Height 22 cm/8.66 in, from 295 €

  • Volupte M

    Diam 40 cm/15.7 in X Height 41 cm/16.1 in, from 695 €

  • Volupte XL

    Diam 75 cm/29.5 in X Height 63 cm/24.8 in, from 1.495 €