Inspired by the forest, LairiaL lamps are sustainable and biosourced.


  • Our lamps are bio-sourced. Concerned about our ecological footprint, we have a local approach, with the desire to get our supplies as close as possible to Bordeaux where the workshop is located, and always in Europe.
  • Wood is a renewable material. Its transformation is not very energy-consuming. We use finely sliced wood (thickness 0.5 mm), which saves the material used. They come from sustainably managed European forests (we only buy PEFC or FSC certified wood).
  • We use water-based paints and solvent-free, low-VOC paints.
  • Thanks to our exclusive ‘Plug & Light’ system, our lamps are transformable and repairable. (link to come)


  • Because each project is unique, the lamps are made in our workshop to your specifications. link to come
  • You create your lamp (link to come) by choosing the finishes. Depending on the type of lighting you want (intense or lounge, indirect or focal, single or multiple …), the place where it will be installed, your specifications, you define the length of the cable.
  • If you want other finishes than those offered, need advice, please  contact us.
  • From the information you give us, we will create your personalized and unique light. We craft the cable with its custom length. We adapt its electrical termination to create the light where you want it and how you want it.

LairiaL lamps are sustainable and bespoke too.

The plug & light system makes any LairiaL lamp sustainable because it can be transformed, adapted, and repaired.


  • Often installed last, the light is constrained. The wiring of the place, its volumes or the decorative choices limit the options.
  • As we wanted to propose more, LairiaL has created a whole light ecosystem, the Plug & Light system link to come. A LairiaL lamp is polymorphic. Easy to install, it is suitable for all places whatever the constraints. And can be transformed in one click, according to your desires and your needs.Find out more link to come


  • Created by the ‘Institut National des Métiers d’Art’  (National Institute of ArtCrafts), the ‘slow made’ movement advocates the economic and emotional longevity of objects, respect for time and sustainable production. LairiaL is inspired by this spirit.