Inspired by the concepts of sobriety, essentiality and timelessness, BulM is a lighting sculpture that creates the unexpected. BulM creates a luminous event, catches the eye and enhancees space.

BulM is a current line which plays on the contrasting effects of a soft light associated with a strong and timeless presence for self-sufficient lightings.


  • BulM encapsulates the light to render it all around in in a flexible and diffuse way. Because it escapes from its interstices in the form of fine stripes, accompanied by their play of shadows. 
  • Alive with its light, its silhouette poeticizes the space. Finally, where the space could be empty, it becomes inhabited and poetic.


  • BulM was created as a natural extension of Volupte. With the desire to do more with our neo-marquetry know-how.
  • And go further in shaping wood in volume.
  • Pendant or on the ground, BulM is perfect to occupy space and volumes.

BulM S

Diam 16 cm/6.3 in X Height 45 cm/17.7 in, from 495 €

BulM M

Diam 40 cm/15.7 in X Height 85 cm/33.5 in, from 1.295 €


Diam 75 cm/29.5 in X Height 130 cm/51.2 in. Special wow effect ! From 2.995 €