Forest, wood - resource for creation of handicraft lighting by LairiaL


LairiaL lightings are biosourced, resulting from sustainably manufacturing. We use water-based solvent-free paints and varnishes (low-VOC paints), European wood species from sustainably managed forests. Wood is a respectful and responsible choice. It is a renewable material whose transformation is energy efficient. We use thin sliced wood, which saves the material used. Concerned about our ecological footprint we have a locagene approach. Our goal is to purchase as close as possible from Bordeaux. Our lamps are made in our workshop in Bordeaux. They are versatile and repairable.


In its creations and handicraft production, LairiaL is inspired by the slow-made movement, initiated by the French National Institute of the Crafts of Art. Slow-made advocates the economic and emotional longevity of objects, respect for time and sustainable production.


Noble like metal or crystal, wood is a warm material that fits all styles. Unlike other materials, wood is alive. It does not wear out, it acquires patina over time and can live many lives. It is timeless. LairiaL works with marquetry wood. It is a precious material, a quintessence of wood. Each of our lamps carries with it the story of the tree that gave it life.


Because every project is unique, our lightings are made to your specifications. You can choose the wood essence, the lighting signature, the color and the length of the cable. And we adapt the electrical connection to the configuration of the place. Thanks to the hub ceiling, you can create bespoke pendant compositions. We are at your disposal to consider any particular request.

Interior colors and signature bright by LairiaL for handicraft lighting.