Each luminaire is made with bespoke finishes, there is no stock. We make the request and the deposit paid triggers the order. We use wood veneer and plywood. Veneer is a thin slice of wood usually used in cabinetry and marquetry. To craft our neo-marquetry lighting modules, we use the thinest quality (less than 1 mm thick). With plywood, double-sided oak veneer, we manufacture the wired disk, which complements the lighting module. We buy wood veneer from a manufacturer close to Bordeaux, so we can choose it. We use European FSC or PEFC certified wood. The veneer is rough on the outside and painted on the inside to enrich the light. We use French paints (without solvent, VOC rate <5 g / liter) with pearlescent pigments. The paint is applied with a brush to create effects. The plywood is varnished (solvent-free) double-sided. The veneer and the plywood are then cut to the dimensions of the lighting. We use a CNC machine for its high accuracy.


Cut, wood veneer is fragile to handle. The larger the luminaire is, the more delicate it is. The wood is corseted to give him hold. We knead it delicately to put in volume without breaking it. The form comes alive under our hands, little by little, gently. The gestures are by millimeter, the concentration is intense. The volume is created, it must be fixed now. Although very thin, the wood resists, he wants to regain his freedom and recover flat. The hands must at the same time be strong to overcome its resistance, and gentle not to spoil it. That’s it, the form exists, it’s now the moment of truth: it must be perfect, the edges well aligned and the precise closure. The hand and the eyes control the whole.

Details in design are very important for wood lamps.

Wooden veneer is used to manufacture wood lamps by LairiaL


The wood is gently pierced by 2 mm holes to install the small steel parts that hold the stainless steel plate, carrier of the brand. Aesthetic and fine, they must resist the force of wood. The combination of wood, hot material and metal, cold, pleases us.


To finish the crafting of the lighting module, we wire the plywood disk. Then, we wire the tailored wiring module. Every piece is tested. Our luminaires have successfully passed all the tests of the European standard (EN 60598, LCIE test reports).


Eight weeks have passed since the order was placed. The neo-marquetry piece and the cable disk are assembled to form the lighting module. The removable assembly makes the lighting repairable. The lamp, made to measure, is packed with the instructions. Like the tree from which it comes, the lighting is unique. The invoice is sent. Upon receipt of payment, we ship the order. You are informed by the carrier (mel, sms) of the routing.


We are at your disposal if you have any questions or want to change or transform your lighting. And we will be delighted to receive photos of the  lamp once installed.