Created in Bordeaux by Corinne Puyo, LairiaL is a brand of crafted wooden lamps. They are designed with unique know-how that combines both tradition and innovation. LairiaL promotes its creations to professionals and individuals.

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Countercurrent to an industrial production which is subject to fashion trends, LairiaL offers a new elegance, made of aesthetics and functionality. From Bordeaux, a sustainable high quality craft manufacturingA new luxury, rarer and more discreet, based on the ‘neo-marquetry’ know-how, a new fine craftsmanship, and by the ‘Plug & Light’ system.

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  • Values

    Wood spirit, service, slow-made spirit and sustainability are important for us

  • History

    LairiaL's lightings origins

  • Crafting

    Wood, neo-marquetry, sense of details ....